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Accounting, Payroll, Expenditure, Income and Fee management software to serve all your accounting needs.

School Bus Tracking

SchoolPTS offers school authorities and parents a peace of mind with their transport management facility.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing plays a vital role in promoting your school activities and education programs.

CRM Software

Our CRM software meant for small and large schools. Manage all your activities, leads and admission management.
Ankosoft Features

Smart Attendance

Technology is at it's best these days, marking students attendance digitally with RFID and Biometric.

Mobile App

Mobile app fulfills the requirements of parents and makes every one's job much easier without any stress.

Payment Gateway

Parents can now pay their child's fee online from their home or workplace using their Parent Mobile app.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual classroom provides students enough material with videos and tasks to understand every subject.
CBSE Report Card Software

CBSE Report Card Software

Staff Payroll Software

Payroll Software
Admission Management Software

Admission Management Software (School CRM)

Fee Management Software

Fee Management Software
E-Commerce Software

Online Exam Software

SchoolPTS Features

School Management Software(School ERP)

SchoolPTS has 80+ modules unlike any other software, SchoolPTS is India's leading School ERP Software.

Increase admissions every academic year. Admission form in the homepage gets more admission enquiries.

Virtual classroom provides students enough material with videos and tasks to understand every subject.

Students can take exams online and it has been designed using Aritificial Intelligence to generate the score.

Technology is at it's best these days, marking students attendance digitally with RFID and Biometric.

Students diary will have daily home work related information and notes to parents.

Our software has built in accounting feature. You can retrieve all accounts related information in just a second.

SchoolPTS offers school authorities and parents a peace of mind with their transport management activities.

Digital marketing plays a vital role in promoting your school activities and education programs.

You can have full control over school using a mobile app. Access to all 80+ features on mobile app as well.

Very good SMS plans with 100% on time delivery. Our SMS packs have OTP, Transactional and Promotional.

Add-ons like Mobile apps for various roles and other hardware devices like RFID, Bio metric.

Other branches? No problem, You can manage all branches with Multi-Branch feature.

SchoolPTS is the best in class Cloud Techologies. You can access our software from multiple devices.

Not just role based apps, we also undertake various other mobile applications development.

To establish communication among different roles in the institution using school mailbox.

Hiring the right staff is always a challendge to schools, but it is no longer a stress. Payroll for salary management and salary slips.

Approve or reject any leave requests, and check how many times the leave have been granted instantly.

Dashboard can be customized for every role in the insitution. You can edit, change or delete items from the dashboard to be more user friendly.

This feature enables institutions to send auto text message for various purposes like sending scores, updating fee details and school alerts automatically.

School calendar can be accessed on multiple devices like web browser, desktop software or mobile app. Upcoming events, exams and meets etc., on Calender.

Library management is another powerful feature to have exact information about books, availability and book service. You will have information about every book.

Generate CBSE or ICSE or STATE format report card dynamically. This format will be updated on a regular basis according to the respective board.

Using this feature Adminstrators can have an eye on visitors who are visiting the instituion, purpose of visit, entry time and exit time, etc.,

Daily sheet feature will have all the accounting information and other activities information. Daily sheet can downloaded in major document formats.

Admins can issue payslips instantly using this feature. Payslips are dynamically generated and has all deductions and net salary details etc.,

This feature enables parents to pay the school fee and other fees from anywhere with comfort. No more waiting at school and parent will get instant confirmation.

Laboratory management features makes it easy to manage all instruments, machines and items of the school laboratory.

This feature brings all golden memories back to the old students, they can update their stories and experiences to stay connected with each other.

School gallery will store photos and videos of every celebration at school. Gallery can be accessed among all roles within the school. Parents will love this feature.

Generate transfer certificate dynamically. Students data is populated automatically in transfer certificates thus making it easy to issue the certificate same day.

Every school must consider having their own website to publish the school related information. Website promotes your school big time.

Digital attendance record will store all attendance related information of students and teachers through out the year. So you can check the attendance.

Monthly sheet will have all the accounts related information and other information. Monthly sheet can downloaded in major document formats.

Accounting report is a part of accounting software, this feature will enable you to download the accounting report in a neat and clear manner.

Track all your school expenditure with details. You can set the maximum and minimum amount for each expenditure category to spend the money wisely.

This feature will display the notification in different ways like scrolling message or pop up message on the dashboard and mobile or Notification center/Mailbox.

This feature is accessed only the supreme admin which has all asset related information of the school right from the computers and other valuable assets.

This feature greatly helps students who are preparing for JEE/NEET tests. Each module has more than 60+ mock tests with artificial intelligence evaluation report.

Security is the utmost priority to schools, especially schools that provide hostel facility. Our technical team will install and maintain the security systems.

This module has puzzles, questions, games & more that improves knowledge among students. Anyone can share knowledge related information within institution.

This feature will have mostly games that teaches some education related information. Kids will like these games and learn at the same time.

We also provide hardware material like printers, computers and other laboratory instruments in bulk orders at the best price in the market.

Using this feature parents can buy school uniform, books, stationary and other instruments and pay online. Our staff will deliver the product on behalf of the school.

Our call centre service has a well versed team who can deal with parents and answer all their inquiries related to the child and school information over telephone.

We have experts in photoshop and video making to maintain social handles of the school like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

SchoolPTS has excellent native speakers of German, English and other languages. Every year we will conduct a 3 days language festival upon school's request.

Collect the feedback from parents about various aspects of the school. This data is shared only with school administrators.

This feature is very helpful to the office staff during admission period. They can easily manage all applications and send parents regular updates through SMS alerts.

One time work that generates several other dynamic time tables for students, teachers and staff. This time table is auto updated on all devices.

This is an exclusive feature by SchoolPTS, your accountant can easily file all financial related compliances. This reports can be downloaded with dynamic data.

Using this feature teachers can create new lessons and tets. As soon as teacher publishes it online all students will have access to the lessons and tests.

Hostel management feature will have data of all the rooms and number of student of each block. Every day meal plan, other activities of the hostel.

This feature helps the security to verify the visitor's information using SMS and issue the gate pass. Security can take the picture of the visitor and store it in the cloud.

Google docs integration makes it possible to access all Google docs and presentation right from your mobile app or desktop without switching in between.

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals are ready to help you 24x7 using various options (Phone/Chat/App). We also conduct webinars.

Many more features are inbuilt with the software, to experience all the other features register your school today. Our team is working 24x7 to add more features.

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