SchoolPTS has been providing software services to schools and educational institutions.
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What is School Management Software?

School Management Systems have been around for quite a while now. Some bigger than others, some more expensive than others. However, you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to something as important as the education for the next generation. Budget friendly softwares may have features that are missing in the expensive one and vice versa. But why? According to me it depends on the developers priorities, skills and mindset. Not everyone thinks or works the same way. They probably never will and that’s okay. Ankosoft Technologies has come together to share all their thoughts, ideas and skills with the outside world. It’s not about what one person wants, it’s about what is the best for everyone. How can everyone benefit from a School Management Software? The answer to this question is actually quite simple. If you want everyone to benefit from something you have to take their views in consideration. Now regarding the school management software: What does the principal do/need? What about the teachers? What kind of information has to reach the parents? What do students like to see/what keeps them motivated? Etc. It actually never really stops. That’s why we from SchoolPTS and Ankosoft Technologies are open for any customization. Not every school necessarily needs the same things and that’s where other providers struggle. They offer you a list of a features and that’s it. There is nothing wrong with it but:
SchoolPTS wants to be different. SchoolPTS IS different.
It is important to us to fulfill our customers’ requirements at no extra cost. You want an alert whenever it is someone’s birthday? Done. You want scrolling announcement messages for everyone to see on their mobile app? Done. You want daily, monthly and yearly balance sheets? Done. As long as it is doable, we will definitely make it come true. We want everyone to have the best experience when it comes to the management of their school. Changes can be made throughout the year and mostly in less than 2 days. A School Management System should not put any burden on you and stress you out because there is something missing. You should not have to implement another system just so you can combine both features. This will end in more expenses and confusion. That’s why we decided to develop SchoolPTS. An all in one School Management Software for Parents,Principals, Teachers and Students. You don’t have to worry about different features anymore. If it does not fit from the start we will make sure it does in no time.
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