School HR & Payroll Management

This feature saves time with automated system management .

Hire Staff

Hiring the right staff is always a challendge to schools, but it is no longer a stress. Store and manage thousands of CVs and send them a call letter.


Payroll helps to manage, track and pay all salary payments on time. This will also calculate all deductions from salary automatically if there is any.


This feature enables you to generate the payslip in no time. Payslip is auto generated after all deductions of the employee.

Leave Management

You can approve or reject any employee's leave request, and you can check how many times the employee took leave this month and past instantly.

Track Employee Performance

Employee performance is something that makes the school stronger. This feature will show you every individual employee peformance through out the academic year.

Download Reports

You can download any report of every feature included in this module like employee performance report, salary deductions, incentives report, leaves report and many.